Sunday, 12 March 2017

Mid-March 2017 Update

Update No. 1 on 2017 Priorities, Systems and Goals

My progress so far…

Systems / Goals
No. 1: Mental and Spiritual Health
Meditate daily
I meditate about 2-3 times per week. Pretty happy with this but will be great to increase weekly frequency to 3-4 times. 

Practise yoga daily
I practise yoga about 3-4 times per week. Pretty happy with this, but hope to increase the intensity of my sessions (e.g. deeper stretches, more power movements)

Find meaning in life
(I feel that I should start thinking about and making peace with death... I suppose that would help with finding meaning in life?)

No. 2: Physical Health
Get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a day)

Eat healthily
Pretty happy with this. I have decreased lunch caloric intake by about half these past 2 months.

Really looking to try fasting, but the thought of it is mentally crippling. HOPE TO OVERCOME FEAR OF FASTING.

Be active everyday
I am active almost everyday. Reasonably happy with progress; hope to do more higher-intensity workouts.

Go for a suitable full-body health screening

No. 3: Relationships

Spend quality time with loved ones
No. 4: Career
Stay employed for most parts of the year

Plodding along… 

Find a higher-paying job with equally little stress and decent work-life balance

Been on the lookout for new jobs. Turned down a couple of higher-paying offers (which also promise better career prospects) simply because they entailed longer working hours and more responsibilities.

Sometimes I think that I’m a joke. At 27, instead of climbing the career ladder, I’m already winding down (not even sure from what), hoping to semi-retire by 30. I really wish I can muster more career ambition… 

I’ve also been entertaining thoughts of going part-time/taking a lower-paying job so that I can qualify to buy a BTO flat (and hopefully also qualify for some grants, etc) with my partner… 


No. 5: Finances
Invest at least S$30k in equities by year-end

On track

Increase liquid networth (LNW) by S$60k by year-end

✔ On track

No. 6: EQ
Be more authentic (online and when interacting with others in real life)

Pleased with baby steps taken so far. 


  1. Would love to hear how you go about saving $50k/yr and increasing your LNW by $60k!

  2. Hi Snowybear,

    You are right. Life is not always about climbing the corporate ladder. You have time at your side. Cherish the moment!